Encantadore is a resortwear brand owned by two siblings from Cali: Mario and Natalia Tobón. The brand was born out of a deep desire of Mario and Natalia to create a company, give work through their work and leave a positive mark on the world.

They created Encantadore with the aim of offering garments that accompany customers in the most special moments of their lives and with a mission to give and give back a little bit to society.

In Encantadore we believe that will and kindness can transform lives. In giving back we find true joy.  

Once a year and thanks to every purchase of ENCANTADORE, we take children to experience the ocean for the first time. Yes, for some, the possibility of visiting the ocean is always there, but for others, it is a true privilege, a gift. Our social initiative is called Vamos Amar. We are deeply grateful because your purchases and kindness help us make Vamos Amar a reality!


We believe in a sustainable future, building it every day, in every action.

One of our main purposes at Encantadore has always been to reduce our impact on the environment. Collection after collection, we have been incorporating sustainable fabrics and technologies into our packaging and garments.

This is what we have called #GreenKindness.

This is one more big step in reaffirming our effort to adapt into a more conscious lifestyle while contributing to a healthier environment.

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